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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 31, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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or anything. and with temperatures in the 50s, still hanging on in the 50s and harrisonburg, 51 degrees and that is warm stuff tomorrow. winchester, 57 and dulles is in the lower 50s and we're struggling here in town to get temperatures into the 50s, simply because the wind is blowing over the potomac there at national and that has kept temperatures in the upper 40s there and some clouds, too. some clouds this evening, no rain and cool but not cold. the temperatures mainly in the 40s and by midnight, we're down to 39 degrees and in some places. all the celebrations shouldn't becomicated at all, at least -- be complicated at all, at least due to the weather and there is a big outbreak of weather to the west. maureen? talk about now. >> oh, you know what? these are the pictures coming in. and there has been a big outbreak of severe weather to the west of us and that is
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indicative of the warm air coming up. unfortunately, the worst of this is through arkansas, really the deep south now and as the storms continue to move through the deep south and into missouri, too, and these have been strong, strong tornados that have been doing a lot of damage, structural damage. you can see now all the red and orange and those severe thunderstorms, all the red boxes there are the tornado watches that are in place and that whole line is moving in our direction and by the time it gets here, it will be diminished and we don't have to worry about any type of severe weather, even thunderstorms and that is not a problem for us tomorrow. tonight and this evening, bringing in the new year with a lot of severe weather and, unfortunately, maureen, there is a lot of damage and fatalities as well. >> in 15 minutes, i'm going to join us downstairs and we'll talk about the tornado and with where that track is -- .
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>> thank you for that. we'll see you in a bit. a family-friendly way to ring in the new year. alexandrea and to light up the sky with fireworks at midnight. wisdom martin with details. wisdom? >> reporter: this is a celebration that started in 1894 and as it exploded here, we have all of the people waiting. this is the warm up to the big event and they know the role on tv now and have on the corner, live on tv, everybody and getting ready for that and everybody excited about that tonight? and right here, live on television is the vice mayor, kerry donnelly and is a newly- elected board member, right? and actually, i have been on the board for awhile and the president-elect. >> newly-elected president elect. >> right. >> and tell us why this is a big deal here? >> first off, it's a great community event. friends, neighbors and visitors coming together, a sense of
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community and the city comes alive, celebrating the arts. we have 17 different venues, over 100 different performances to ring in the new year in a family-friendly-type of atmosphere and that is good for the city and we want people to be here and to come back. and enjoy and enjoy. >> going to be -- tonight? in a few minutes, you will be on stage. what is going to happen in's few minutes and after that? >> we kicked it off with the fun hunt where people were scavenging all around alexandrea and have a drawing for everyone that completed that fun and that fun starts at 7:00. the performances kick off and we have a lot of children's events and that will, they'll continue throughout the night and with a fireworks extravaganza with lights, video, music all with sonic temple at midnight. >> and this is wrong every year? seems it gets bigger. >> every year it's bigger. it's harder to put on. the tough economic times and tough to find sponsorship. this year, we have great
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weather and we're hoping for a lot of people and you can buy badges at our venues come, out and enjoy the celebration of the arts and enjoy the new year in a safe family-friendly environment. >> if you need tickets and don't have the tickets yet in. >> buy them. any of the 17 have an uses in alexandrea, they all have tickets on sales for $20, a date-friendly night and safe not. >> very -- safe night. >> very good. >> and we're here getting ready and going to be here all night. come on down and have fun. back to you. >> sounds good, wisdom, have fun. >> all right. tonight can be one of the deadliest nights on the roads. there is a lot of drinking and party hopping and that is a recipe for danger. metropolitan police sergeant andrew joins us live from northwest with what police will be doing tonight. thank you for being with us tonight? >> thank you, maureen. >> and high is mp d planning to
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combat the roads? they'll be flooding the area with patrols and conducting sobriety checkpoints. >> have you teamed up with restaurants and bars and businesses to help keep people safe? >> i'm sorry, repeat the question? >> has mpd -- to keep people safe with the safety measure in that way? >> i'm sorry. yes, we have -- in conjunction with establishments and the designated driver's programs. >> and that, we're watching video here with checkpoint and will there be a number this evening? >> yes, there will be. >> and how can you tell us how many? and how extensive that might be? >> i can't tell you for sure how many checkpoints that is going to be, the checkpoints. >> okay, and the bottom line is is you will be on the roads looking for people who have had two too much to drink and want to hit the road and that is not
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a good idea with that. >> and i wanted to remind people if they take prescription medications, they should cut with the doctor before drinking the alcohols and i can make -- unsafe to drive the vehicle as well. >> indeed, sergeant with mpd, thank you very much for joining us this evening. >> thank you, maureen. >> and as you heard, no excuses to drive drunk. sober ride is offering free cab rides between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on new year's eve and new year's day. any ride under $30 is free and you pay the difference if it's more than that. here's the number, 1-800-200- taxi. the service is provided by the washington regional alcohol program. >> and if you don't use soberride, hop on metro once the party winds down. the agency extending hours from new year's eve revelers. metro said that stations will stay open until 3 a.m. the trains and metro bus will run on a sunday schedule on new year's day. and the weather you're going to -- whether you're going to a private party or a big batch to the bar, there is a lot of work going into this
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one night. >> matt ackland takes us into a local business as employees work to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. >> all right, you have not made plans for new year's yet. we have a good idea for you here along 18th street at the town tavern and all day long, employees have been getting ready for tonight's big event. the music is playing. let's go inside and see what is going on here. and joining me now is the owner, ted wells. i want to ask you what, goes into a big event like this? and how do you prepare for this? >> it's the first thing coming up. the casino royale and with the logistics and getting the dealer to do heavy roulette and black jack. >> you have to bring in extra food and extra drinks. and not a typical night. >> unfortunately this year, christmas is a weekend and it's kind of slow, so, we did, we
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have a pretty big order this week. the food is out of the ordinary and with some wings and roast beef. >> people expect more on new year's eve, too? >> yeah, and they have to pay for a ticket and buffet and open bar and that is -- they expect more than they normally would when they come in. >> and go to the kitchen and see what is cooking up for tonight. >> you got it. >> and what is that menu? >> this is roast beef with roasted carrots and tomatoes, grandma, gave you the recipe? >> yup, grandma gave me the recipe. >> and how -- and how much is it going to cost you? >> things get going at 8:30, people will start filtering in and costs you $50 to get in the door before midnight and get to dinner and open bar from 9-10 and everything stays open later
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tonight, right? yes, and that is one of the big days until 4 a.m. all right. >> and 8:30, if you get here later. >> definitely, that is the hotspot and we're free admission after midnight. reduced cost after midnight. >> and thanks very much. that is the latest. >> brian and maureen, if you don't have anything after the show, great recipes here and some drinks. back to you. >> i think they have to cook the roast beef, though. >> that will be fun times. >> yeah and the programming note for people who enjoy hockey out, there the winter classic game between the penguins and washington capitals have been moved from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow in pittsburgh, because -- 8:00 p.m. in pittsburgh. that is tomorrow night and for those of you attending that in pittsburgh, it's moved, the rain causing the delays there and i am sure you will have a great time. >> pee wee hockey, 8:00 a.m. saturday. >> yeah. >> and tell me about it. it's not the way that they wanted to end the year.
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customers devastated in maryland after a landmark restaurant goes up in flames. and winter weather woes in the northeast. why some new yorkers said the city left them to fend for themselves. 
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] it' >> a maryland community is reeling tonight as a culinary institution goes up in flames. the old stein inn is the german
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restaurant in edgewater. no one was hurt but much of the restaurant was destroyed and the loyal and longtime customers ending this year 2010 with heavy hearts. fox 5s bob barnard is in the newsroom with the story. bob. >> reporter: a favorite of locals and beer lovers, the old stein inn was selling food and beer since the 1980s without a hitch but it will start the new year closed indefinitely. the sun had not yet rise own this new year's eve when the old stein inn went up in flames. with no hydrants in the area, fire hydrants were force to use water from the canal more than a half mile away. by late morning, the longtime customers were meeting in the customer. >> it's terrible. they have to put this back. this place is too famous to go away. >> we first moved in this neighborhood 22 years ago and this -- really nice. >> reporter: a sobbing carla dole stopped by to leave a flower at the front steps and said she was here for dinner just last night. >> the old stein is like a
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second home for us and we have been coming here for about 14 years and once a week. the staff and regulars are our friends and that is like losing a family member. >> and i heard about it and i wanted to see what was going on and see how bad it burnt. >> reporter: many drivers are slowing down along central avenue in edgewater and maywood visited she had to stop. >> my grandparents built. this. >> reporter: she said that was in the 1890s, it was an old country store at first and later with gas pumps, had bedrooms upstairs. >> and i have the best memories in my life here. >> reporter: a couple from germany opened it 27 years ago and their son now owns the place and we spoke to his sister patty. >> they live behind and didn't hear the fire trucks and someone called and said you realized that your restaurant is on fire. they had no idea. >> how are your brother and his wife doing? >> they're devastated and shaken up. >> may knows the feeling.
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>> it's sad. sad to see your past go. >> it was a workful place and i can hope that it will come back and be bigger and better. >> reporter: the family said count on that. >> absolutely, as soon as they can get the door open, we'll be here with a great grand opening. >> reporter: and anne arundel county officials say the cause of the morning's fire is still under investigation. >> all right, bob. and a serious car crash. an suv rolled over several times hitting a utility pole at 6:30 and this is all that is left of the car. the rescuers cut the driver out, taking him to hospital by helicopter and his condition is unknown. the cause of the accident is under investigation and power crews restored electricity after an hour. severe weather with deadly tornados killing six people and three people died after it was
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kill -- the storm moved through before sunrise and there are also injuries reported. >> well, i was in the house and i woke up. my wife woke me up and said something is going on and sounded like a freight train coming over the top of us from the whole house and started shaking. the windows started busting out and it was gone. >> and in missouri, three more victims died. a tornado destroyed three mobile homes. unusually warm weather is fulling the rare winter tornados. gary mcgrady, we have been talking about the storms and that first question is isn't it unusual for us to have tornados in winter? >> unusual and not unprecedented. you motioned earlier, too, and with that wind and warm air coming up, you need that and this time of the year and let me show you what is happening and here are the ingredients, the warm weather to produce the
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showers and thunderstorms and deadly tornados and look into the morn plains. you see the snow there? >> uh-huh. >> and that is a blizzard up there. >> wow. >> and they have blizzard warnings. when we see this, the warm, moist air, you're going to get the exchange of this and going to end up with towering thunderstorms and a lot of strong air and some strong winds over the top and creating the spin in the atmosphere to produce the tornadic thunderstorms and they will continue now on through the evening hours and to that deep south and what you're doing will weaken a bit and the stuff down south will take over and there is nothing to worry about. this is the forecast for -- for the evening and happy new year, enjoy the evening. the temperatures will be nice and cooperative and we have some clouds out there and no rain and some temperatures in the mid-40s or so. >> okay. >> and that is by the time the ball drops.
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>> uh-huh. >> and comfortable. the winds out of the south at 7 miles an hour. >> it's been the winds that have been a killer for me. >> and that is nice when it's not blowing. >> and that is warmer than last year. >> yes. >> and tomorrow, in the 50s again and then cooling off again. >> i'm loving it. >> yeah. >> and -- >> i have not heard any complaints. >> in 2011. >> i'm going with 2011. >> and -- >> you know why? if you were to see it. >> uh-huh. >> would you say 2011? >> i will now. >> i'm going to move on here though. >> and in 2010, still saying that for new yorkers, especially the mayor and that is days after more than two feet of snow shut down the city. mayor bloomberg admits the handling of the crisis is inadequate and unacceptable and he's promised to investigate what the city did wrong, but neighbors in brooklyn claim he's only concentrating on manhattan when they need help,
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too. >> mayor bloomberg ought to be ashamed of himself. the sanitation department should be ashamed. this is 2010 and it's disgusting what is going on. >> and more winter problems around the country, fargo, north dakota, under a blizzard warning while still cleaning up from the one that hit them last week, apparently and yesterday, a hundred-car pileup shut down on interstate for hours. a lot of people fed up with winter and rasmussen reports and that is that 37% of people believe this is worse. >> 58%, that is agreed and that is the number there. 36% of the adults claim they have had a heaven -- heavy snowstorm this winter and keep in mind that winter started a week ago? >> yeah, yeah. >> and we haven't should had snow piled up in feet. >> and -- >> yeah. >> we dodged that big whopper.
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>> so far. >> and hope that continues. >> back up to you. >> and ask gary if it was 1911. >> i knew you would say that. >> and -- >> see? >> it's still a preference. >> and you're going with 2011, too? >> and -- >> that is exactly. a special education teacher placed in handcuffs in montgomery county. when we return, details on the traffic stop that ultimately led to her arrests on drug charges. he's a familiar face to folks in baltimore why this former reporter found himself behind bars. 
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>> a special education teacher in montgomery county has been arrested for heroin possession. rebecca amick was pulled over in a car that was speeding. police thought something was up and they found 9 bags of heroin and they say they found heroin on another passenger, fazal
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abdullah. >> the officers stopped the vehicle reported the occupants appeared to be nervous and soy they asked them from the vehicle, received permission to search the vehicle and the persons themselves. and that is when they recovered the drugs. >> investigators say amick and abdullah claimed they had bought the heroin in d.c. a former baltimore television reporter has been released from jail. dennis edwards was charged with second-degree assault and wreckless endangerment after a fight with his wife lisa. she said he shoved her and banged her head against the floor and has been ordered to stay away from her until the next court hearing and said the incident is not what it appears. edwards reported before the cbs and nbc stations in baltimore before becoming a spokesman for baltimore city council president jack young. in a few hours, 1 million people will pack into time square. when we return, we'll take you there live as the big apple prepares to ring in 2011.
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you go through the stage where you feel worthless or helpless. because you can't do anything for yourself. >> and why workouts will never be the same for these wounded warriors. and as we go to break, a look at the top new year's resolutions. number one, no surprise here, lose some weight. number two, obtain a better job, quit smoking comes into third. spend more time with loved ones is number 4 and rounding out the top five, get fit. we're back in a moment. >> a happy new year, everybody. a very happy new year. 
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>> people in australia, some of the first to welcome in 2011. the fireworks lit up the sky over sidney harbor bridge. an estimated 1.5 million revelers turned out for the situation. some camping out overnight. a beautiful new year's celebration in new zealand. auckland kicked off 2011 with a huge fireworks display. tens of thousands of people packed the harbor. and. festive colors and dancing brought in 2011 in johanesburg, south africa and hundreds of performers danced and carried banners through the streets. the festival started at mandela bridge with live music and then everyone marched to newtown. and of course, there is no new year's celebration like the one in times square and new york city. and that is where fox's craig bosswell is live now. is that party starting already? >> reporter: good evening to you and from times square,
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look. the snow is cleared here, the weather is warmer than it was in the past year and twice as warm now as it was this time last year and it was freezing cold. it's wonderful out here tonight. look, security is in place. the crowds are all filing in and most of the barricades and pips are now filled up with people and they're ready for the biggest, one of the big of the parties in the world. happy new year! >> reporter: they come from all over the united states. >> macon, georgia. >> austin, texas, and louisville, kentucky. >> new jersey. across the hudson river. >> and all over the world? >> we have friends? >> and happy new year. happy new year. >> puerto rico, happy new year. >> for a giant public party at the crossroads of the world. crowds packing in to time square to catch celebrity performances and ring in a new year. but the real star here is the famous new year's eve ball, a 12-foot, 6-ton spear that puts on a dazzling light display.
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>> 2,688 triangles and 2,056 leds that create over 60 million colors and a slice of patterns and a truly amazing experience. >> reporter: down below, an estimated 1 million people watched the ball drop and showered with confetti and singing auld lang syne. [singing] >> reporter: look, these people her -- as you can tell, it has begun and there is going to be a wedding here tonight, a couple of marine reservists who met in iraq and will be tieing the knot in times square. there is a 25-year-old soldier who was awarded the metal of honor earlier this year. he's going to be helping lower the ball tonight and that is a big deal. another honor for that gentlemen there. and i want to go over this way, a few moments ago before you came out to us. rick springfield was going through his set that he'll be
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playing later on tonight and we have performances from keisha, and cruz, backstreet boys and new kids on the block. they have a number of musical performances. the crowd is trying to get in here tonight. the police are still checking them and security is in place. they're ready to get the party started. live in times square, craig bosswell, fox 5 news. >> always exciting there. thank you so much for. that. and making that yearly resolution to work out more. one group is helping the nation's wounded warriors exercise all year long. foxs jennifer davis has their story. >> reporter: an ied has forever changed his life in iraq. >> it took mia, while to get to the point to where was mentally strong enough to push past that. >> reporter: it's taken him awhile to regroup after a multitude of injuries and
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having his left leg amputated. >> you go through the stage where you feel like you're worthless because you can't do anything for yourself. literally, i couldn't scratch my own face for like two months. >> reporter: he's come a long way since then and is getting stronger, thanks to a program called rehabbing with the troops, run by a non-profit called pro versus gi joe. it sets up six-week workout seasons for wounded warriors on video game systems like the wii and connects participants with pro athletes with teams like the saints, chargers and redskins. >> they're hanging out with the professional athletes, working out with them and that gives them incentive to keep going. >> motivates me to cut it all and get a workout done. >> reporter: members create a virtual community by posting their stats, online so coaches and athletes can keep tabs on them. they need current and retired pros at a variety of events. >> just having him there and having him do the workout with
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me, oh, look, drew brees is doing the workout with me, wow, and it's just very motivating. >> reporter: and weekly group workouts create a community of support among the soldiers so they realize that they're not alone in their recovery. >> i can look at my buddy here and he's doing a race, the run, and does it faster than me. that motivates me to do it faster than him. >> reporter: greg and addie founded g.i. joe. she's a staff sergeant in the average reserve who deployed to iraq twice. so far, the group helped 85 wounded warriors and are hoping to help with 50 to 75 per season. >> and they're all from all over the country, every branch of service and they're connecting in a way that they didn't before and they are finding others who are out there, flailing like they are or were and they are building a community. >> it's the comradery and encouraging, i am working out with people my children's
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aging. and i am having a ball. >> reporter: wilson said the beauty of the program said it helps warriors get stronger. not just physically but emotionally, too. i'm still smiling, i'm still, you know, taking care of my family, i'm still positive about things and i can do anything that any abled-body person can do. i have to do it different. >> reporter: in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. new photos surfaced of kim jong-il as tensions rise on the peninsula. and what anna chapman wants, anna chapman gets. the unusual gift for the former spy. 
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] it'
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>> former russian spy anna chapman can cross one more thing off of her list and is the proud owner of a lion club. she became an international sensation this year after being deported from the u.s. as part of the biggest spy swap since the cold war. she said she always wanted to own a cub. the tv station conducted an interview and gave her one as a gift. you can see the full interview if you would like. we posted it on kim jong-il caught on camera, the local media is claiming these are pictures of the leader watching exercises by tank division. the report didn't indicate when or where the inspection took place and that it can express satisfaction with the division's preparedness to protect the regime. when we return, gary's looking ahead to the weekend weather. we'll be right back. 
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college 2010 comes to an end, we want to remember the people we lost. let's look back at some of the people who touched our lives in 2010. [ applause ] >> in the meantime, no way am i decorating a 19-room whorehouse for some two-bit floozie who just flew in from saint louis.
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>> suddenly he'll grab you and he'll throw you in the corner and say do you know that it is the middle -- if is the middle word in life? >> jimmy, when was the happiest? >> when my father goes out to a cocktail party and we have some scotch and soda. >> he is very happy? [ laughter ] well, that is a certain form of happiness. >> in many base, i feel the way i felt when i was a virgin.
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>> my purpose as a public announcer is to inform. >> i am unemployed. >> so why don't you collect unemployment insurance? [ laughter ] i have been in congress 46 years. i have been in the senate 40 years. there are some people here who take their constitutional responsibilities very seriously.
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>> every passenger on this plane will have this for dinner. they become violently ill in the next half hour. extremely serious. ♪ we'll have some fun when the clock -- . >> i am not going to leave wa, wa, wa and blue eyes alone. two more stars we lost in 2010 that can't be forgotten, just
5:47 pm
this week, r&b and soul singer tina marie died in her sleep, she was 54 years old and in may, lena horn died at the age of 92. her career as a singer and actress lasted for 70 years. you can look back at the biggest local stories on we ranked the top-10 stories of the year and put all the best of the rest in one spot. click on the link in the hot topics bar. if we asked you two weeks ago how it was going look for new year's eve. >> yeah. >> we would have thought highs in the 30s. >> taking off some no -- snow, maybe. >> reporter: december was so cold and the last few days brought the average up a bit and we're not going to go down as one of the coldest decembers and that is on that top 10. >> s that okay? >> that's okay. >> reporter: i am glad to see 2010 becoming 2011. right? >> 2011. >> reporter: there seems to be a bit of a debate here and this may continue until next year, i don't know and this evening is
5:48 pm
going to be good. the temperatures have dropped off a little bit and we started a couple of hours ago with just about everybody. up into the 50s and there is some warm air to the west of us. how much warming will we get for tomorrow? let's not worry about that now but this evening, though. 44 degrees at 7:40 and 9, temperatures, upper 30s or so by the time we change over to that new year. i think the suburbs will be colder than that and still, the wind is not a problem down below 5 miles an hour and that is really looking pretty, pretty good. 47 in up to now and frederick, 43; dulles, 48. they were into the 50s it and fredericksburg is down to 49. they were 56 degrees earlier in culpepper and in the lower 40s, too and with the clouds on top of us, we have a fairly low dew point, that is fairly dry out there. the temperatures the next few hours will be able to drop quickly and look at cincinnati right now, 63; wilmington,
5:49 pm
north carolina, 56; atlanta, 65 and nashville, 66. can you see the front? if you jump into western iowa and nebraska, lincoln is 10 degrees right now and fargo is 1, up from zero last hour. international falls, 9. the real cold air isel ising into the planes here, north dakota, south dakota, montana and wyoming and up against the front range there. the temperatures are in the single digits and raging blizzard in the cold air, too and that does not mean there is a ton of snow. the blizzard means there is no and blowing snow in the wind of about 35 miles per hour or greater and that is happening here. the strongest and heaviest snow is in the eastern sections of north dakota and south dakota and that transitions into the warm, mild atmosphere here and we're getting a lot of thunderstorms, the severe weather from the deep south and
5:50 pm
to chicago. they had thunderstorms moving through there, too. the temperatures into the lower the 50s and you see the red boxes, these are tornado watches and especially tonight, into the deep south. this is where, for the next few hours, it will be dangerous as the very strong storms continue to blow up and move to the east and to to the northeast. jackson, mississippi right now is under the gun with a big complex and believe it or not, a lot of the clouds are blowing off from the showers and thunderstorms earlier and we have the high pressure here. the high pressure will maintain itself overnight tonight and at least for the first part of the day tomorrow. this is the forecast. we will have clouds again tomorrow. the first day of the new year. 41 to start and very mild. 51 at noon and the showers will move in late in the afternoon tomorrow. between noon and 5:00 and that is when the showers will move
5:51 pm
on in from west to east and at some point, the temperatures will be able to get into the mid-50s or so and we're going to go 56 degrees for a high tomorrow here and again, once the rain starts, things will cool down prett tomorrow afternoon and this is tomorrow morning. the showers back out to the west of us and by 3:00, future cast holds the rain to the west of us and this is the case. we'll be in good shape, cloudy and dry and by tomorrow evening, the rain moves across and the whole system is getting faster. so we may salvage most of send afternoon with some sunshine and with drier conditions. the way it's looks right now, most of the rain will be tomorrow night and through the morning hours on sunday. 56 tomorrow; 50 on sunday and 43 on monday. tuesday, 44. wednesday, 43 and the next few days in the 50s and we transition to the temperatures pretty much where they should be this time of the year, lower to mid-40s. >> okay, thank you, gary. the new year presenting a new opportunity to get your
5:52 pm
spending on track. fox's brenda butner has tips in this week's shopper's market. >> reporter: a lot of people will be joining a gym in the new year, hoping to start off on the right foot. but it's a great time to review your budget and get your finances into shape. >> how do we contain -- either we contain spending so we don't get the sticker shock when the charge card comes in and to reassess where we are with the budgeting and savings program. >> reporter: get smarter with your smartphone. take advantage of having all of your finances at your fingertips. three budgeting apps can help you keep detailed records of your spending. >> not only for mobile banking services but there were many applications that can be downloaded as far as keeping track of expenditures and as well as keeping track of finances. >> reporter: take advantage of bankings offering debit cards with rewards. >> we're encouraging people to use the debit cards. they come with reward programs and with points. there is a great way to reward yourself if you did a great job
5:53 pm
using the debit visa card opposed to a charge card, you will get points. they add up and you can redeem the points for travel gifts. >> reporter: now, about that budget. listen to what dave has to say. >> reporter: all -- . >> all you do is this. you put the number at the top of the page that you're going to make this month, there is never one of those. this month, put your income at the top of the page and give every dollar a name. income minus all of your different out go equals exactly zero and be in agreement on this with your spouse and we're going to work together to win. when you have a game plan and it's written out, you're happening to your money instead of wondering where it went. that is called a budget. coming up on the news edge at 6, still looking for a way to ring in the new year? we're live in alexandra with a popular family-friendly event you may want to consider. hot ice might be a problem in the nhl but in arlington, everything is fine. i'm stacey cohan, i'll have
5:54 pm
that story coming up. and didbley the kid get his pardon? new mexico governor bill richardson made his decision. we'll have the answer. 
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>> it's not just a new year but a new decade. we sent the photojournalist lance ing out to see what they're hoping for in the next decade. >> come on. >> reporter: the 2000s rolled in with the exception of september 11th, it's been a great decade. having kids, playing this, friends and family, working for the navy. >> have to say goodbye to so many -- that my husband and i took before the kids all came. >> this is a great -- . >> and changes. say goodbye to bad economic times and see more difficult
5:58 pm
times and see more homeless people around. >> i feel that home is a nest. the principle of tao is where the nest you begin. i don't feel the need to come back to my beginnings. i feel like i can outstretch and reach the farthest reaches of all horizons. and in my own personal life, i'm looking forward to a job in construction. >> when you get to be seniors as we are, each year you lose a few of your comrades, and see we look back sadly to some of the people that we have lost in the last decade. >> life is very interesting. what i would like to do is meet my soul mate. someone who is -- who has the same interests. i am hoping that maybe in the new year my life will have some kind of meaning. and maybe i'll meet my
5:59 pm
soulmate. >> i hope she finds him, too. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new and looking for a family friendly way to ring in 2011 and alexandrea has a new way with more. wisdom martin has details. >> reporter: this is a tradition that started in 1994 here in alexandra and there is music and entertainment. i am talking about entertainment and here, getting ready on the stage right now. folsom prisoners. they're not performing yet. the performances don't start until later, but they're getting ready for one of their sets tonight. this is a band and i'm told that this came from, the name of the band came from a johnny cash song. how is that from my -- for my music knowledge? the background about


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